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Name: Ebony Haynes


Role: Program Manager, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee


It has always been the goal of Ebony Haynes to make a difference in the world. Since she was young, she has done whatever it was that she could to change and inspire the lives of those around her, whether in a small or a major way.


Growing up in Milwaukee, WI she witnessed many of the unfortunate circumstances plaguing the communities around her and wanted to do what she could to make her community better. After graduating from Columbia College Chicago and spending many years working in marketing and public relations she embarked on a search to find a career she would not only love, but one in which she could make a difference every single day. She is currently a program manager for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee. In this position she has the privilege of managing girls’ program initiatives throughout the city with a strong emphasis on self-esteem, personal branding, healthy life skills and leadership skills.


Ebony is also the proud CEO of Double Dutch to Dreams, a movement dedicated to healthy activity and self-esteem building, which is her way to continue the work she does on a larger scale. She knows the best way to reach our youth and truly make a difference would be by teaching them the importance of loving who they are and taking care of their mind, body and spirit.


She also serves as a volunteer for the youth ministry at Christ the King Baptist Church and for the Human Trafficking Task Force of Greater Milwaukee.