BCDI-Milwaukee President Wanda Montgomery on Promoting Reading Early

BCDI-Milwaukee President Wanda Montgomery recently spoke to Shaun Gallagher of TMJ4 on the literacy disparities in Wisconsin between black and white students and how we can lessen the gap. Please watch the video or read the article here: https://www.tmj4.com/news/local-news/responding-to-inequalities-wisconsins-african-american-students-face-significant-literacy-hurdles (Source: TMJ4).

Improving literacy in the Black community is one of BCDI's main goals, specifically focusing on children ages 0-8. As President Montgomery says, "Our key is to get our kids to reading and not just when they're in school but to develop a love of reading. The best way to do that is start them early. You need to start them early." (Source: TMJ4)

BCDI contributes to this mission through partnerships with Raising a Reader and giving out hundreds of free books to local children and their families. BCDI also has an annual Brunch of Books, where families come together to hear black authors read their stories.

Reading to young children as early as possible is a consistent indicator of better literacy levels, and BCDI hopes to continue creating access to wonderful children's books in the Black community through our partnerships and other efforts to promote the love of reading at a young age.

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