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Gift Books To Support Youth Literacy

In celebration of her 50th birthday, local author Dionne Grayson aims to promote youth literacy by requesting friends and associates to purchase her books during the month of April.

For every 2 books purchased for BCDI-Milwaukee, Mrs. Grayson will donate a book.

All donated books will support BCDI-Milwaukee’s annual event The Brunch of Books on September 4th, 2022.

Please join the celebration and purchase your book here

"Each book I have written, whether it be for a 5-year-old or seasoned adult, is meant to demonstrate what goal setting and intentionality can accomplish. If your heart calls you to be something or try something new, you can achieve it with the right guidance and tools! Each of us are capable of not only chasing but manifesting our dreams. We just need an encouraging push in the right direction; that’s what my writings are designed to do." – D. Grayson

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